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Guardian NetSecure 17.00

Keeps the user's PC safe from various malware and viruses
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Protects your computer in real time from a wide variety of threats such as virus, spyware or other malware as well as from hacking attempts. The tool includes rootkit, keylogger and spyware protection, antivirus and antimalware features as well as a firewall to block unwanted connections to your PC.

Guardian NetSecure is a software program developed to protect users end-systems from various threats, such as malware or spyware. It also offers enhanced protection for removable drives, as well as for browsing the Internet.

The software installation lasts several minutes, way too long, if you ask me, for this kind of software. The GUI has a strange cream-color, that's too abundant and, at some point, it becomes tiring for your eyes. Except for this inconvenience, the interface looks modern and well-polished.

When it comes to what it can do, Guardian NetSecure embeds multiple functionalities that target different issues. For example, it has an Anti-KeyLogger feature that prevents keystrokes from getting recorded by data-stealing programs.

Furthermore, with Anti-rootkit users are protected against programs that try to gain unauthorized access into their machines.

On top of that, it automatically detects and stops unknown malware threats and it offers protection for flash drives, once they're plugged into your computer.

All in all, Guardian NetSecure is a reliable tool, that detects and removes malware and spyware, and though it doesn't have cloud usage controls, it's a utility you should definitely try it.

John Saunders
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  • Prevents keystrokes from getting recorded
  • Automatically detects malware threats
  • Has an Anti-rootkit feature


  • Lacks cloud usage controls
  • Poor choice of default theme color
  • Installation process lasts too long
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